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Gear Review : Cressi Logica Wetsuit

Gear Review : Cressi Logica Wetsuit

Gear Review : Cressi Logica Wetsuit

The CRESSI Logica Wetsuit Review

I really like this new version of the Cressi Logica, it's a 5mm "almost semi-dry" suit that is made of super stretch neoprene. The suit has semi dry seals around the ankle and wrists and it has a great seal on the back zip. This is the suit I have been using as part of my personal gear this year and I have found it to be very comfortable and easy to get on and off.

When you first try it on it feels almost like a 6 / 7mm suit but you don't need to add the extra weight to off set for the suits buoyancy. I used the Cressi Comfort 5mm suit before this Logica unit and I can honestly say that the Logica is the right way to go.  

The suit is super warm in comparison to any other 5mm suit. I have been using it while diving in Sodwana during my Instructor development programs during this winter season. So we have been banging out 3 - 4 hour water sessions in chilly 20 Deg water and this suit kept me very comfortable. 

Look & feel - 5 Stars *
It's a really professional looking wetsuit, it has great colour lines between the black and red panels, also the knee pads have lasted very well especially considering the amount of work I have done in the suit in the pool and out at sea during skills dives with my instructor candidates. 

Value for money - 5 Stars *
It is Cressi's top end wetsuit, so although the purchase price is quite high, when you compare it to the equivalent ScubaPro & Aqua Lung suits it is the best-priced suit in its class, and almost 10% cheaper than the competitor brands. This is due to Cressi South Africa's aggressive pricing stance that has allowed us to sell these suits at quite reasonable prices. 

Ease of use - 5 Stars*
This is a GREAT suit, even though it is designed as more of a semi-dry suit which are traditionally very difficult to get on and off, this suits fits like a glove and you slip in and out of it very easily. (I Have found the semi-dry seals on this suit do not catch the hair on my legs and arms like other suits of this nature)  

What I like least...
Honestly.... there's not much I don't like... If I was to be a stickler... I could say that the neck seal is a bit tight, which can give you a bit of a gag reflex when on boats. I would personally prefer a little neck zip at the front of the suit to make it easier on the neck during boat rides. But I do understand that if this zip was installed it would reduce the seal around the neck thereby making you allot colder allot quicker. But the main reason it catches me is due to my large neck... I've always battled with button up shirts and have never found a standard shirt that would close around my neck... So it has been impossible for me to wear a suit and tie... lucky for me, I am privileged enough to be a PADI Course Director so the only suit I wear is a Wet or Dry suit.... 

What I like Best...
The Cressi Logica suit has a really cool ankle seal with an additional layer of neoprene over the semi-dry seal. So you can seal the suit on your ankles, put on your dive boots and roll the outer layer of neoprene over the outside of your boots. This looks really neat and professional when diving and also adds extra thermal protection while diving. 

This is the ideal suit for any serious diver, it is a high-end suit that provides enough thermal protection for long water sessions, but it is comfortable enough and stretchy enough to easily get on and get off on the beach. Plus... It looks super cool!

Happy diving guys! Stay tuned for my next review...
Cheers for now,

Kevin Cook
PADI Course Director


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