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Tusa Vesna Open Heel Set

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Tusa Vesna Open Heel Set

The Vesna Open Heel Set includes Vesna Fins, Paragon Mask and Tusa Elite 2 hyperdry snorkel:

Tusa Vesna Fins

TUSA Hyflex Vesna is powered by TUSA's unique APS "Active Pivoting System" technology, the combination of uniquely positioned holes that reduces drag while maintaining constant propulsion. The Universal Bungee Strap is adjustable, one-size fits all, and fits on most open heel fins on the market. It’s comfort-flex hinge, and rubber heel cup with a finger loop make for an easy fit.

Tusa Zensee Mask

Reimagine your diving experience with the Tusa Zensee Mask, our pioneering frameless scuba diving mask. Brimming with advanced features, the Zensee Mask sets the bar high for panoramic view, lightweight design, and revolutionary fit technology.

Tusa Elite 2 HyperDry Snorkel

Designed with Tusa's finest features, this snorkel ensures a thrilling, yet effortless, dive into the deep. With its low-profile dry top and innovative angled purge chamber, the path to your next adventure stays comfortably dry and clear.