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Tusa Paragon S Mask

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🐠 Embrace the Depths with Ultimate Clarity with the Tusa Paragon S Mask! 🌊

Experience the epitome of underwater visibility with the Tusa Paragon Mask. The Paragon S single-window mask offers TUSA’s NEW Reinforced TRI-MIX frame, Freedom Technology with Fit II, and the UV 420 Lens Treatment with AR and CrystalView Optical Glass which helps you dive with eye protection and ultimate clarity.

Delve Deeper with the Unrivalled Vision of the Tusa Paragon S Mask! 🦈

  • TRI-MIX Frame: Benefit from a sturdy, yet lightweight mask. The TRI-MIX frame ensures lasting durability and maximum comfort, making every underwater excursion a pleasure.

  • Freedom Technology with Fit II: Experience a personalised, snug fit. Our Freedom Technology combined with Fit II moulds to the contours of your face for superior comfort and fit.

  • UV 420 Lens Treatment + Anti-Reflective Lens + Crystal View Optical Glass: Dive safe and see more. With this powerful trio, your vision underwater is clearer than ever, and your eyes are protected from harmful UV rays.

  • Angle Strap Adjustor with Side Hold: Enjoy a hassle-free, secure fit. The angle strap adjustor and side hold allow for easy micro-adjustments, keeping the mask perfectly in place during your dive.

  • Offset Buckle: Discover the ease of adjustment. The offset buckle enables one-handed adjustments, making it easier for you to achieve the perfect fit, even underwater.

Experience the Underwater World Like Never Before with the Tusa Paragon S Mask! 🐙

The Tusa Paragon S Mask is designed to meet the needs of the most discerning professional divers. With its advanced features and superior materials, the Paragon Mask provides unmatched comfort and clarity, making your diving experiences more vivid and enjoyable than ever before.

Transform Your Diving Experience with the Tusa Paragon S Mask! 🌈

Are you ready to dive into a new level of underwater visibility? Choose the Tusa Paragon S Mask for your next underwater adventure. Enjoy the freedom of comfort and the brilliance of clarity. Dive in today!