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SEALIFE Sport Diver (Underwater Phone Housing)

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🐠 Capture Oceanic Opulence with the SeaLife SportDiver Underwater Housing 📸

Embrace the deep blue with the SeaLife SportDiver Underwater Housing — your perfect mate for underwater smartphone photography. This robust, feature-rich casing transforms your iPhone into an advanced underwater camera. Let the SportDiver iPhone Housing be your trusted companion, allowing you to delve into aquatic wonders with the smartphone you know and love!

Here's Why You'll Love It:

  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you've got the iPhone 7 or the latest model, the SportDiver housing has got you covered.
  • Ultimate Protection: A unique vacuum pressure alarm safeguards your phone's waterproof seal, while a moisture sensor alerts you to any leaks.
  • Advanced Camera Settings: Take control of zoom, lens selection, exposure, focus, white balance, tint, RAW capture, Live Photo and Background Blur for a superior shooting experience.
  • Fast Playback & Clear View: A clear back for unobstructed viewing, and quick, easy playback lets you review your underwater captures on-the-go.

Extra Cool Bits:

  • Bluetooth® Connectivity: Seamlessly connects your iPhone to the housing.
  • Expandable: Accommodates Sea Dragon underwater photo-video lights.
  • Long-Lasting Power: Powered by two AAA batteries, offering over 50 hours of continuous use.
  • Durable & Secure: The cam-lock sealing mechanism securely locks the waterproof door, providing peace of mind on every dive.

From the heart-pounding thrill of an approaching shark, to the serenity of a colourful coral reef, the SeaLife SportDiver Underwater Housing helps you seize every underwater moment.

Dive deeper. Capture more. Create memories that last a lifetime with SeaLife.

Check compatibility here: https://www.sealife-cameras.com/sportdiver-compatibility/

The SeaLife SportDiver underwater housing works with most Android models & iPhone® 7 and up.

Depth rated to 40m
Access to advanced camera settings
Large shutter and control buttons can be operated while wearing dive gloves
Shoot photos or record video – Easily switch between photo and video mode.
RAW and JPEG modes.
Dual Leak Alarms – Includes internal moisture alarm and internal vacuum pressure alarm.
Removable underwater colour-correction filter for bright, colourful underwater photos & videos.
Includes SeaLife Sport Diver camera app for iOS 12* & up – Free download in App Store.
Bluetooth® wireless technology – Housing automatically connects to your iPhone®.
Holding spring and rubber grip tabs securely holds iPhone® in place and adds shock-protection.
Expandable with Sea Dragon underwater photo-video lights
Triple 1/4-20 tripod mounts – Mounts to Flex-Connect or any tray with standard tripod threads.
Cam-lock sealing mechanism easily and securely locks waterproof door.
Powered by two AAA batteries that last over 50 hours of continuous use.
Anti-fog design when SL911 Moisture Muncher capsule is used.

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