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SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Bouy 1.4m (Yellow)

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Master the Depths with the SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy! ⚓️

Presenting the SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy 1.4m, a paramount tool that's essential for every dive. Boasting a professional-grade construction and clever design, it provides unrivalled performance, ensuring your dives are safer, smoother and more organised.

Key Features & Outstanding Benefits:

  • Double Inflation System: Incorporates an open bottom and duck beak valve alongside a full metal inflator for effortless inflation. 🎈

  • Sturdy Construction: Crafted from resilient 210D orange nylon, reinforced with HF welded seams, for long-lasting durability and uncompromised visibility underwater. 🦾

  • D-Rings: Features a stainless steel D-ring with a bungee loop at the bottom and a plastic D-ring at the top for securing your flashlight. 🔦

  • Ample Size: Spans 1400 x 180mm (4.5ft) to ensure your presence is known both under the sea and from the surface. 📏

  • High Visibility Prints: White prints reading 'Diver Below' & the SCUBAPRO Logo on both sides for clear identification. 🚩

  • Choice of Colours: Available in vivid orange or yellow nylon for enhanced visibility. 🌈

Feel the Assurance and Efficiency! 🎯

Imagine the tranquility knowing that your presence is signalled effectively during your dive. The SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy serves as your silent yet unmistakable communicator, enhancing your dive safety and efficiency. Feel the joy of seamless dives, knowing that the surface team is informed of your location below. 👌

Don't Dive Without It! 🛒

There's no reason to compromise on safety and efficiency in your diving adventures. Make the SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy your underwater partner today. Take the plunge and let the adventure begin! 🌊