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SCUBAPRO Supernova Crystal Vu Set

R 6,895.00

Unveil the Secrets of the Deep with the SCUBAPRO Supernova Crystal Vu Dive Set! 🌊🌐

Embark on the ultimate underwater quest with the SCUBAPRO Supernova Crystal Vu Dive Set, meticulously crafted for passionate recreational and professional divers. At the heart of this collection is the internationally lauded SeaWing Supernova Fin, a cutting-edge marvel that has clinched the esteemed Red Dot Award for extraordinary product design. With performance, construction, fit, and versatility that eclipse its predecessor, the Seawing Nova, it's no surprise that this fin has been dubbed the powerhouse of the next generation.

Accompanying the remarkable fin is the Crystal Vu Mask, offering panoramic vision and unbeatable comfort. With a patented single-lens design and seamless side window, it's engineered for an unimpeded field of view. Add the Spectra Snorkel to the mix, with its superior breathability and ease of clearing, and you have an unbeatable trio set to redefine your underwater escapades. 🦈🌴

The Supernova Crystal Vu Set includes: 

Crystal Vu Mask

Spectra Snorkel

SeaWing Supernova Fin

The SCUBAPRO Supernova Crystal Vu Dive Set is your ticket to unparalleled marine exploration, creating unforgettable aquatic adventures. Dive in!