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SCUBAPRO S-Tek Fluid Weight System

R 2,395.00

Experience Unrivalled Ease with Scubapro S-TEK Fluid Weight System!๐ŸŒŠ

Enhance your diving adventure with Scubapro S-TEK Fluid Weight System, the ultimate addition to your S-Tek Pro Harness! Our weight pocket kit, specially designed for the passionate diver in you, promises unparalleled ease of use, secure ballast handling, and unmatched compatibility.

Outstanding Features and Life-Enhancing Benefits:

  • Easy Mounting ๐ŸŽฏ: Our weight system effortlessly attaches to the harness waist strap. Say goodbye to cumbersome adjustments!

  • Complete Set ๐Ÿ“ฆ: The package includes two weight holsters made of sturdy Monpreneยฎ material in a sleek black shade, along with two ditchable weight pockets.

  • Generous Capacity โš–๏ธ: Each weight pocket can conveniently hold up to 11lbs/5kg of ballast weight, giving you precise buoyancy control.

  • Broad Compatibility ๐Ÿค: The S-TEK Fluid Weight System works seamlessly with HYDROS Color Kits, Knife Mount, Mini-D-Rings, and Ninja Pocket. Personalise your dive setup with ease!

The Scubapro S-TEK Fluid Weight System is your ultimate partner for diving. It simplifies your preparation process, enhances your comfort, and ensures a smoother and more enjoyable underwater journey.

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