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SCUBAPRO Definition Shorty 2.5mm (Mens) Wetsuit

R 2,875.00

💦 Dive into Comfort with the SCUBAPRO Definition Shorty 2.5mm  Wetsuit

Never compromise on your aquatic adventures with the SCUBAPRO Definition Shorty 2.5mm. Designed for the tropical diver in you, this mini-dive suit is all about enhanced warmth, unprecedented flexibility, and supreme comfort.

ScubaPro Wetsuit Sizing Chart : CLICK HERE

Let's take a closer look at this game-changer for your underwater excursions:

  • Titanium Plush Lining: Our 2.5mm neoprene suit lined with titanium plush offers that extra layer of warmth you need. Feel the temperature just right when you're exploring aquatic marvels! 🔥😎

  • N2S Construction: With our Nylon 2 Sides construction, we ensure durability that stands up to the most ambitious adventures. Plus, the plush inner lining adds an extra layer of comfort. Dive with assurance! 💪👌

  • Advanced Cut Design: Tailored to enhance your flexibility and increase your range of motion, our advanced cut makes every dive a liberating experience. Move with ease! 🤸‍♂️🏄‍♂️

  • Angled Rear Entry Zipper: Not only does this enhance your overall flexibility, but it's also incredibly easy to open and close. Dive into convenience! ⚡️🔓

  • Size Range: Available in a wide array of sizes, ensuring every diver finds their perfect fit. You don't just wear the Definition Shorty, you become one with it! 🎯👕

Turn every dive into an unforgettable underwater journey with the SCUBAPRO Definition Shorty 2.5mm. It's more than just a mini-dive suit, it's a warm, flexible, and comforting companion for your tropical dives. Let every dive be a Definition dive. Dive into the adventure!