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Mares X-Tream Mask

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Mares X-Tream Mask

The Mares X-Tream spearfishing mask has an ultra-low volume to minimize mask compensation during the dive . Both the minimalist design and the reduced hydrodynamic profile work together to reduce drag in the water . The ergonomic buckles have also been redesigned for better hydrodynamics.

The distance between lenses and eyes has been reduced, allowing for a large field of view.

Featuring a very minimalist hydrodynamic strap, it also includes an integrated snorkel stop for easy donning and convenient snorkel placement for surface breathing.

X-Tream is an ultra-light, hydrodynamic and minimalist goggle providing incredible vision . It is truly the perfect mask for any freediver looking for underwater perfection.

Its key features are as follows:

• Overmolded frame and anatomic facepiece
• Minimum distance between lenses and eyes
• Minimum internal volume
• Further expanded field of vision
• Very lightweight
• Anti-reflective properties
• Hydrodynamic profile for reducing water resistance
• Goggle strap with ergonomic buckles for better hydrodynamics
• Strap of the mask includes a snorkel holder
• Relief area on the nose attaching perfectly to the nose clip