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Mares Switch Men Reversible 2.5mm Wetsuit

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🐠 Unleash Your Underwater Adventure with the Mares Switch Reversible 2.5mm Wetsuit! 🏊

The Switch men's wetsuit is the perfect 2.5 mm wetsuit for divers looking for an original wetsuit with an exclusive design. This one-piece wetsuit is made with a reversible concept that allows it to be worn on both sides.

One side of the Switch 2.5mm wetsuit is predominantly black with silver graphics while the other side has coloured inserts and prints. This way you can choose to change your look on every dive! This feature is combined with the quality of Mares’ Ultrastretch neoprene that makes it extremely comfortable and convenient. This ultra-elastic neoprene gives the wetsuit softness and long-lasting elasticity so it returns to its original shape.

The Switch 2.5mm wetsuit for men has a front zip. There is a grip area on the wrists that allows for a better grip on diving instruments such as computers and wrist compasses.

Available in sizes 3 to 7.

The main features of the Switch 2.5mm men's wetsuit are:

• 2 wetsuits in 1: a new reversible 'double face' concept
• Can be worn on both sides: choose between a simple, classic design and a more sporty, colourful one
• An extremely comfortable 2.5mm wetsuit with a front zip in Ultrastretch neoprene
• A new, exclusive Mares design
• Perfect for warm water diving and water sports
• Includes a grip area on the cuffs to ensure a better grip on diving instruments

Take your diving escapades to new depths with the Mares Switch Men Reversible 2.5mm Wetsuit—your partner for cold water adventures. Ready to explore? Dive in!