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Mares Snake 2.1 Spearfishing Knife

R 1,845.00

Mares Snake 2.1 Spearfishing Knife

The Snake 2.1 Spearfishing Knife has a 135mm long stainless steel blade and micro serration. The handle is soft and non-slip. Equipped with a hole for freeing rods stuck in rocks. and anti-corrosion anode.

Technical Features:

• Stainless steel blade
• Blade length: 135 mm
• One edge with cutting edge and one micro serrated edge for blanking
• Hole to free the rods stuck in the rocks and grinder for rods
• Soft non-slip handle
• Anti-corrosion system with anode in the handle
• Semi-rigid sheath to be fixed to the leg or belt
• Two straps, quick release buckles