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Mares Smart Air + Transmitter

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🐠 Mares Smart Air Dive Computer: Diving Excellence, Supercharged! + Transmitter 

Step up your diving game with the Mares Smart Air Dive Computer, the revolutionary device that brings our incredible Smart series to a whole new level, now with air integration! This advanced dive computer takes your underwater experience to unprecedented heights. With a wireless transmitter that connects directly to your dive tank, you get crucial data including tank pressure, multi-gas capability, and so much more. All the superb features you loved from the original, now with even more power!

Immerse Yourself in a Sea of Features 🌊

  • Hoseless Tank Data Integration for Up to Three Transmitters: Ditch the hoses for a clutter-free dive. Get crucial tank data seamlessly from up to three transmitters. 📡

  • Graphic and Numeric Display of Tank Pressure: Get precise, clear visuals on your tank pressure with a display that’s as accurate as it is easy to read. 📊

  • Multigas Capable: Stay versatile with support for multiple gases. The Smart Air adapts to your dive plan and supports your adventurous spirit. 💨

  • Option to View Dive Time Including Seconds: Experience precision timing down to the very second. Know exactly how long you've been underwater. ⏲️

  • Two Customisable Fields for Ancillary Information: Tailor your data display to suit your preferences. Keep what's important to you at a glance. 🔧

  • Logbook Capacity of 95 Hours of Dive Profile: Relive your best diving memories with a logbook that holds up to 95 hours of dive profiles. 📚

  • Decompression Dive Planner with Additional Surface Interval Function: Plan your dives with precision and ease. Your safety is the top priority. 📝

  • Complete Watch Functions: It’s not just a dive computer – it’s a stylish watch too. Keep track of time both underwater and on land. ⌚

  • Freediving Mode (Apnea) with Dedicated Alarms: Push your limits in freediving mode, complete with dedicated alarms for your safety. 🚨

  • Bottom Timer Mode with Resettable Average Depth and Stopwatch: Keep track of your time spent at the ocean's floor with the bottom timer and stopwatch. ⏱️

  • User-Replaceable Battery: Never worry about losing power. Easily replace your battery to keep the Smart Air Dive Computer running at its best. 🔋

Unleash the power of the Mares Smart Air Dive Computer and redefine your diving experience. Dive deeper, explore further and enjoy more with this advanced diving companion.

Dive Now! 🐳

Make every dive an adventure to remember. Take the plunge and upgrade your diving experience with the Mares Smart Air Dive Computer.