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Mares Rover Octo

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Dive Deeper with the Mares Rover Octo, Your Compact and Lightweight Companion Under the Sea 🌊

Introducing the Mares Rover Octo, a medium-sized octopus meticulously designed for divers seeking both compactness and performance. With its lightweight design, supreme durability, and superior abrasion resistance, the Rover Octo takes your underwater adventures to a whole new level.

  • Compact and Lightweight: Easily transportable and comfortable to use, the Rover Octo’s compact design liberates you from the burden of bulky equipment. Now, dive deeper with less effort! 🎒

  • Sturdy and Durable: Engineered from top-tier technopolymer, this sturdy piece is built to last. Say goodbye to frequent replacements, the Rover Octo is here to stay.

  • Superior Resistance to Abrasion: Brave harsh underwater environments without a worry. The Rover Octo’s superior abrasion resistance ensures it remains unscathed, no matter what.

  • Hi-Viz Yellow Cover and Hose: Easy to locate even in the murkiest waters, the hi-viz yellow cover and hose provide both safety and convenience for all your diving escapades.

  • Fluid Dynamic Deflector and VAD system: Breathe easy with the extensively tested VAD system and new Fluid Dynamic Deflector. The Rover Octo guarantees natural and effortless breathing, making your underwater experience a truly pleasant one.

The Mares Rover Octo is not just a piece of diving equipment. It's your reliable companion in every underwater journey, designed to serve your needs and provide an unparalleled diving experience.

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