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Mares Puck 4 Dive Computer

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Mares Puck 4 Dive Computer 

Discover the underwater realm effortlessly with the Mares Puck 4, an entry-level dive computer that uses the advanced Bühlmann ZH-L16C algorithm. Easy-to-use and feature-rich, this device offers versatile modes, user-friendly controls and a crystal-clear display. Dive confidently with the reliability of a user-replaceable battery and stay connected via Bluetooth. Embrace the perfect blend of simplicity and innovation as you explore the depths with the Mares Puck 4, where every dive is an invitation to a new underwater adventure.

🔹️ Immerse in a World of Incredible Features and Exceptional Benefits:

  •  Customizable Bühlmann ZH-L16C Algorithm: Tailor your dive with customizable gradient factors, providing a personalized and safe underwater experience.
  • Versatile Dive Modes: From air to nitrox and bottom timer, the Puck 4 adapts to your diving needs, offering flexibility for various dive profiles.
  • Multigas Capability: Dive confidently with the ability to use up to three gases, ensuring you're prepared for diverse underwater environments.
  • Segmented Display Excellence: The crystal-clear segment display, created with chip-on-glass technology and boasting 800 segments, ensures you stay informed with a quick glance.
  • Functional Bottom Timer: Utilize the bottom timer mode with a resettable average depth and stopwatch, adding practicality to your dive experience.
  • Decompression Dive Planner: Plan your dives with precision using the decompression dive planner, allowing user-adjustable surface intervals for safer underwater excursions.
  • Digital Logbook: Keep track of your underwater journeys with a logbook capacity of 100 dives, complete with graphs accessible via the Mares app for comprehensive post-dive analysis.
  • Long Battery Life: The user-replaceable CR 2450 battery ensures a reliable power source, with a lifespan of up to 100 dives.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Integrated Bluetooth enables direct connection to your smart device, facilitating easy data transfer and analysis via the Mares app.
  • Intuitive Single-Button Control: Navigate effortlessly with a single button, providing a user-friendly interface for hassle-free operation.
  • Adaptable Straps: Customize your experience by easily removing and replacing straps with a bungee for added comfort and flexibility.
  • Mission Console Compatibility: Connect seamlessly with the Mission Console for a comprehensive dive data overview.
  • Effortless Firmware Updates: Keep your dive computer up-to-date with firmware updates conveniently delivered through the Mares app.