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Mares ATLAS 62x Scuba Set

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Mares Atlas 62x Scuba Set

* Mares Magellan HD BCD
* Mares Atlax 62x Regulator (DIN Fitting)
* Mares SXS Alternate / Octo
* Mares Mission 1 Gauge (Option to upgrade to Mission 2)

Product breakdown & reviews hereunder:

Mares Magellan HD BCD

The main features of the Mares Magellan HD BCD are:

- Back Buoyancy with 180 N Lift: Efficient design for optimal buoyancy control.
- X-tra Comfort Cushioning: Added padding on the backplate for enhanced comfort.
- Customizable Weight System: Standard system with two removable pocket sizes for tailored weight distribution.
- Practical Pocket Features: Knife grommets on the left, elastic bands on the right, and integrated, removable Trim Weight pockets.
- Convenient Storage Options: Roll-down, zippered pocket on the right side for easy access.
- Line Cutter Sleeve: Dedicated sleeve for the optional Mares Titanium Line Cutter (sold separately).
- Stainless Steel D-Rings: Five strategically placed D-rings for gear attachment.
- Color Variety: Choose from three colors – black, blue, and aqua for a personalized touch.

Mares ATLAS 62X Air System

The all-metal second stage allows for dives in extremely cold waters. The large, pivoting purge button is perfect for use with thick gloves or dry gloves.

Technical features:

2nd Stage

- 'All Metal' technology for better performance, even in cold water
- Recommended for use in extreme cold water
- VAD system for natural breathing at any depth
- High airflow
- A wide, pivoting purge button which is easy to use, even with thick gloves
- A lightweight Superflex hose to ensure comfort during use

62X First Stage

- A DFC LP port for high airflow at any depth
- AST - Auto Sealing Technology for a dry first stage
- Pre-oriented LP and HP ports
- The most compact and lightweight Mares diaphragm 1st stage
- A pearl chrome finish

Mares SXS Octo

The main features of the SXS Octopus are:

• The smallest, most compact Mares octopus
• Made of ultra-lightweight technopolymer
• A V.A.D system with a “curved” bypass tube for maximum airflow
• Can be used on either the right or left side
• A lateral exhaust tube for better visibility in all diving positions
• An easy-to-use, soft exhaust button
• A Superflex hose

Mares Mission 1 Gauge

* The latest result of uncomplicated ingenuity
* Modular design
* Multiple attachment points
* Display for easiest readability
Anti-shock elastomeric technopolymer case with a precise pressure gauge featuring a new easy to read display. Multiple attachment loops for perfect console positioning and underwater operations.

Upgrade option - Mares Mission 2 Gauge

The latest result of uncomplicated ingenuity Modular design Multiple attachment points Display for easiest readability
The analogue console with pressure and depth gauges offers the simple yet versatile option to upgrade from the analogue depth gauge to the compact Puck capsule computer.