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Cylinder weights 1.5Kg (Bright Weights)

R 250.00

Bright Weights Cylinder Weights 1.5Kg: Achieve Perfect Buoyancy and Unparalleled Balance! ⚖️✨

Discover the Perfect Buoyancy Solution with Bright Weights Cylinder Weights 1.5Kg! Achieve Optimal Balance and Dive with Confidence. 

Experience unmatched stability and buoyancy control during your dives with Bright Weights Cylinder Weights 1.5Kg. Specially designed in conjunction with our innovative cylinder harness, these PVC coated long weights offer a superior diving experience by distributing weight over the lung area, providing exceptional balance and control in the water.

Features and Benefits:

Achieve Optimal Buoyancy: Our 1.5Kg cylinder weights are meticulously engineered to help you achieve the perfect buoyancy, allowing you to effortlessly float through the water. Experience the freedom of movement and precise control during your dives.

Enhanced Balance and Stability: By placing the weight over the chest area, our cylinder weights provide unparalleled balance and stability. Feel the difference as you effortlessly maintain your position and glide through the underwater world with confidence.

Customisable Configuration: Choose between the 3kg or 6kg configuration, depending on your specific diving needs. With Bright Weights, you have the flexibility to tailor your buoyancy control to match your preferences and requirements.

Seamless Integration with Cylinder Harness: Our cylinder weights effortlessly slide into the holsters of our specially designed cylinder harness, ensuring a secure and streamlined setup. Enjoy a hassle-free diving experience with optimal weight distribution.

PVC Coating for Enhanced Grip: The PVC coating on our weights provides a secure grip on the cylinder, preventing slippage and ensuring a snug fit. Dive with peace of mind, knowing that your weights are firmly in place.

Environmentally Friendly: At Bright Weights, we prioritise sustainability. Our cylinder weights are designed with eco-friendliness in mind, making them the ideal choice for environmentally conscious divers.


  • Weight: 1.5Kg
  • Material: PVC coated

🌟 Experience Unrivalled Balance and Control in the Water! 🌟

Upgrade your diving experience with Bright Weights Cylinder Weights 1.5Kg. Achieve the perfect balance, enhance your buoyancy control, and explore the underwater world with unparalleled confidence. Dive into the depths with Bright Weights and experience the difference.