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Cylinder harness (Bright Weights)

R 235.00 Regular price R 250.00

Achieve Balanced Buoyancy and Maximum Comfort with Bright Weights Cylinder Harness!

Upgrade your diving experience with the Bright Weights Cylinder Harness. Designed for convenience, comfort, and balanced weight distribution, this high-quality harness is the perfect companion for your diving adventures.

Features and Benefits:

Optimal Weight Distribution: The Bright Weights Cylinder Harness allows you to carry 1.5kg cylinder weights, evenly distributing the weight across your body. Experience balanced buoyancy for improved control and manoeuvrability underwater.

Versatile and Adjustable: This harness is designed to fit any size cylinder, providing a secure and customisable fit. The stainless steel sliders ensure a snug and reliable hold, allowing you to focus on your dive without any distractions.

Quad Stitched Double Webbing: The quad-stitched double webbing construction enhances durability, ensuring that the harness withstands the rigours of diving. Dive with confidence, knowing that your gear is built to last.

Comfortable and Anti-Roll Design: The Bright Weights Cylinder Harness offers exceptional comfort with its ergonomic design. Say goodbye to discomfort and unwanted cylinder movement. The convenient anti-roll device keeps your cylinder stable throughout your dive.

Enhanced Dive Experience: With the Bright Weights Cylinder Harness, you'll enjoy a comfortable and balanced diving experience. Achieve optimal weight distribution, maintain control, and explore the underwater world with ease.

🌟 Experience Unmatched Comfort and Balanced Buoyancy! Dive into the Depths with Bright Weights Cylinder Harness! 🌟