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Cressi Right Swim Goggles *Clearance Special*

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Cressi Right Swim Goggles *Clearance Special*



* Created for Competition Swimming
* Special Polycarbonate Shatterproof Lenses
* External Scratch-Proof Treatment
* UV Protective Treatment
* Strength, Durability and Protection from the Sun's Harmful Rays
* Anti-Fog Treatment for Clear and Crisp Vision Indoors-or-Out
* No-Waterproof Seals: Special Shape Designed to Fit into Eye Socket
* Minimum Overhang of Lenses Guarantees Excellent Visibility and Minimum Resistance with Water
* Low Drag Design: Favors High-Speed Performance
* Double Latex Head Strap
* Plastic Nosepiece Eyelets with Small Latex Line for Attachment