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Aqualung Reveal Ultrafit Scuba Mask

R 2,695.00

Aqualung Reveal Ultrafit Scuba Mask: Discover Unparalleled Comfort and Crystal-Clear Views

Experience the Perfect Fit for Your Underwater Adventure

Celebrate everything the underwater world has to offer when you see it through the Reveal UltraFit scuba mask. Our most comfortable mask provides the best fit with its three sizes and adaptable skirt shape for all faces. Easily interchange lenses via a snap-in frame and a special included tool. With innovative features and materials, you’ve never owned a more advanced mask.

Universal Advanced Silicone Skirt (UASS) – Innovative wrap-around geometry in a new grade of crystal-clear silicone provides the optimal fit and comfort for a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) – Skirt features differently textured bands of silicone to form a superior seal and maximum comfort. The high-grade silicone flexes to mold naturally along the contours of your face for a comfortable, leak-free seal.

Split Strap – Unique to the Reveal, this innovative split head strap design is longer around the middle to perfectly and comfortably accommodate the spherical shape of the head and keep the strap securely in place.

Pressure Reduction Zone

Quick-Fit Buckles – The one-touch button allows for easy adjustment, even while wearing thick gloves. The buckles are attached directly to the skirt to provide increased fit stability.

Hi-VIS Technology – The Reveal’s frame is molded from two bright-yellow and orange materials for increased underwater visibility.

Lightweight – So lightweight, in fact, that the single-lens version (X1) is the lightest single-lens framed diving mask on the market.

    Embrace the Aqualung Reveal Ultrafit Scuba Mask and unlock a world of unparalleled comfort, clarity, and adventure. Dive deeper, explore further, and create lasting memories with a mask that is engineered to exceed your expectations.