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Aqualung Helix Compact Set + FREE Regulator Bag

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Aqualung Helix Compact Set + FREE Regulator Bag

Set Includes:

  • Aqualung Helix Compact – DIN 300Bar
  • Aqualung Helix Compact Octopus
  • Aqualung AL50 SPG
  • Aqualung Regulator Bag (FREE)

Experience the perfect balance of performance and value with the Aqualung Helix SCUBA Hardgear Set. This mid-range regulator is designed to deliver exceptional breathing performance at an affordable price, making it a must-have for any diving enthusiast. With its balanced first and second stages, the Helix represents the DNA of Aqualung regulators, ensuring reliability and comfort in every dive.

Features and Benefits:

First Stage:

  • Balanced Diaphragm: Enjoy superior and consistent performance with the balanced diaphragm design of the Helix regulator. Dive with confidence, knowing that each breath will be smooth and effortless, allowing you to fully focus on the underwater experience.

  • Yoke or DIN Configuration: Choose the configuration that suits your needs. The Helix regulator is available in both yoke (3,300psi/232 bar max.) and DIN (4,350psi/300 bar max.) versions, providing versatility and compatibility with a wide range of tanks.

  • HP/MP Ports and "T" Shape: The Helix regulator features 2 high-pressure ports (7/16") and 4 medium-pressure ports (3/8") arranged in a "T" shape. This design ensures streamlined hose positioning, reduces exhalation effort, and directs bubbles out of your field of view. Plus, the Helix is compatible with enriched air nitrox (EAN) up to 40% right out of the box, allowing you to explore the depths with confidence.

Second Stage:

  • Pneumatically Balanced: Experience smooth and easy breathing with the pneumatically balanced second stage of the Helix regulator. This advanced design delivers consistent airflow, making each inhalation effortless and natural.

  • Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece: Say goodbye to jaw fatigue with the unique Comfo-Bite mouthpiece of the Helix regulator. Soft yet sturdy, it reduces strain on your jaw and enhances comfort during extended dives. The innovative palate bridge adds an extra level of support, allowing you to fully enjoy your underwater adventures.

  • Venturi Knob: Take control of your diving experience with the in-line ergonomic Venturi knob of the Helix regulator. With precise adjustments at your fingertips, even while wearing gloves, you can fine-tune the airflow to match your preferences and diving conditions.

Aqualung Helix Compact Octopus

  • Pneumatically Balanced: Pneumatically balanced for smooth, easy breathing
  • Comfo-Bite: Comfo-Bite mouthpiece is soft yet sturdy and reduces jaw fatigue with its unique palate bridge
  • Optimize Your Opening Effort: With the “Mini/Maxi” adjustment knob, you can increase the opening effort, ideal for avoiding freeflow at the surface, or lower the inhalation effort, reducing the work of breathing

Aqualung AL50 SPG

  • Aqualung 300Bar SPG