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Apeks WTX Harness

R 8,450.00

Apeks WTX SCUBA Harness: Dive with Confidence and Customization

Unleash Your Dive Potential with the Apeks WTX SCUBA Harness

⚓️ Dive into a world of ultimate freedom and customization with the Apeks WTX SCUBA Harness. Designed for discerning divers like you, this versatile harness offers unparalleled adaptability and a secure, comfortable fit, allowing you to explore the depths with confidence.

Features & Benefits

🔧 Flexible Mounting Options: The WTX SCUBA Harness provides two mounting options, allowing you to attach it directly to a single cylinder using dual nylon cylinder bands or a single tank adapter. Dive your way and configure your gear according to your preferences.

⚖️ Heavy Load Compatibility: For those intense dives with twin steel cylinders, the WTX SCUBA Harness readily accepts a WTX Back Plate. Experience superior stability and weight distribution, enabling you to handle heavy loads effortlessly.

💪 Total Customization: With the open shoulder design, you have the power to personalize your diving experience. Add or remove hardware with ease, fine-tuning the harness to match your exact needs. Dive confidently, knowing your gear is tailored to you.

🎯 Secure Weight Integration: The waistband features multiple grommet settings, allowing for the attachment of the SureLock™ weight system. Keep your weight securely in place, achieving perfect buoyancy control and freedom of movement.

💼 Travel-Friendly and Adjustable: The removable back pad ensures compactness, making the WTX SCUBA Harness easy to pack for your underwater adventures. Plus, the heavy-duty stainless steel waist buckle guarantees a secure and adjustable fit, providing utmost comfort throughout your dive.

🌊 Unleash Your Dive Potential: The Apeks WTX SCUBA Harness empowers you to dive with confidence, customization, and comfort. Experience the freedom to explore, knowing your gear is built to adapt to your unique style.