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Apeks WTX D30 PSD Wing

R 13,695.00

Apeks WTX D30 PSD Wing: Dive with Confidence and Durability

Experience Unparalleled Performance with the Apeks WTX D30 PSD Wing

⚓️ Take your diving to new heights with the Apeks WTX D30 PSD Wing. Designed to deliver exceptional durability and performance, this wing empowers you to explore the underwater world with confidence and ease.

Features & Benefits

🛡️ Superior Durability: The WTX D30 PSD Wing is crafted with a highly abrasion-resistant material that surpasses Cordura®. Dive into rugged environments with peace of mind, knowing that your wing can withstand the toughest conditions.

💨 Fast-Drying Technology: With its fast-drying properties, the WTX D30 PSD Wing ensures that moisture is quickly evaporated. Say goodbye to damp equipment and hello to a fresher and more comfortable diving experience.

🚫 Odor and Bacteria Resistance: Thanks to its unique composition, this wing doesn't retain odors or promote bacterial growth. Even without rinsing, you can enjoy a hygienic and odor-free dive every time.

💨 Efficient Airway System: The WTX D30 PSD Wing features an 18" round spiral hose for optimal airflow. Enjoy smooth and unrestricted breathing as you explore the underwater world.

🌬️ Rapid Exhaust Dump Valve: Equipped with a cable pull dump valve, this wing enables quick and effortless air release for precise buoyancy control. Stay agile and responsive in any diving situation.

Unleash Your Dive Potential: Dive with confidence and durability. The Apeks WTX D30 PSD Wing ensures a reliable and enjoyable diving experience, allowing you to explore the depths with ease.