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PADI Professional Development Course

PADI Professional Development Program

Do you want to be a PADI Professional...

Live the dream...

Go from Beginner to Instructor!
During this program you will go through multiple courses, it's intense... but it will prove to be the most exciting time of your life!

No matter what your age... Whether you're a school-leaver on a gap year, or a full-time student studying for a degree that's looking for an additional qualification...

Even if you're a working professional looking for an escape plan from your daily grind or perhaps you have been contemplating your retirement dream...

If you are one of these people...

For more info fill in below form or contact 
(011) 568 8091 / dive@scuba.co.za

Dive Master Course Summary

Courses Starting every few weeks all year round.

10 Months Weekends & Part Time (CDC Course)
Incl All PADI Materials

Please contact us for package pricing.

Incl 18 Courses
PADI Open Water Diver
PADI Advanced Diver + FREE Nitrox Speciality
PADI Rescue Diver
Emergency First Response Course
PADI 6 Speciality Bundle
Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Search & Recovery, Navigation, Fish ID, Shark AWARE Diver.
PADI Dive Master
PADI Instructor Course + 5 Instructor Specialties

Incl 100 Inland Open Water Dives * Excl Park Entry Fees

Additional Student Specialties May be booked @ R2000 each

Excl: PADI Reg & IE Fees (Dive Master, Instructor & Specialities)

Use Of : Snorkeling Gear (Mask, Snorkel, Fins) + Wetsuit

Use Of : Hard Gear (BCDs, Airsystems, Weightbelts & Cylinders)

For more info contact:
(011) 568 8091 / 083 645 3191 / dive@scuba.co.za

Become a PADI Professional

Check out this short video for full course details

What's the cost in getting my PADI Instructor Certification?

This is quite a comprehensive course, taking 10 - 12 months to complete. In total, it includes over 100 inland open water dives, 12 dive certifications.

5 at the student level & 7 at the instructor level.
We have combined this all into 1 program.

You will also receive preferential pricing on all gear as needed from SCUBA.co.za

Course Includes:

PADI Materials
Use Of : Snorkeling Gear
(Mask, Snorkel, Fins)
Use Of : Hard Gear
(BCDs, Airsystems, Weight Belts & Cylinders)
Includes Cost of all Air Fills
* Excl Entry Fees to Bass Lake @ +/- R200 pp per day

Note: Excludes PADI Professional Registration & Examination Fees

Price: Due to the volatile R/$ exchange we kindly request you contact us to talk about pricing models for this course.

(011) 568 8091 / 083 645 3191 / dive@scuba.co.za

How long does it take?

The program has been specifically designed to be completed on a part-time / weekend basis.

We understand you all have very busy lives, working and studying, so we have tailored the program to allow you to continue your day-to-day weekly schedules and to work your way through our program on the odd week day evening and on weekends.

The course takes 10 - 12 months to complete. We've had guys finish it in as little as 8 months and we have guys do it over 2 years due to other work commitments.

It all depends how urgently you need to complete the course & how dedicated or flexible you are.

The good news is that our program is completely modular, so if you can't make 1 weekend we simply carry on from where you left off when you come back.

It is really that simple....

Do I need to study?

When you confirm your course, we will send you the first courses' materials for the PADI Open Water Course, containing everything you need to get started.

Simply work through eth online materials & once on course, you will explore the remaining dive theory with your PADI Instructor.

Learning is an ongoing development process so you will learn something new each time you dive with us.

Towards the end of the program, there are some comprehensive lectures covering dive theory.

We conduct these as live lectures and we also have a series of online courses for you to review.

So the short answer is "Yes", you have to study, but it's not like you will have to study like a mad person... but you will have to review the info you learn each week.

What gear do I need?

Our course includes use of all gear as needed, however, as you move up the ranks it is highly recommended that you purchase your own dive gear.

You're are aiming to be a dive professional, so for your own personal comfort and peace of mind, we highly recommend that you start purchasing all your own gear.

* Preferential rates will be given to all CDC candidates when on course with us.

To attend the course, I must be...

17 years or older while doing the Open Water, Advanced & Rescue Certifications.

You must be 18 yrs or older from the start of the Divemaster & Instructor portions of the course.

You will begin the Divemaster section of the course about 6 months into the course.

You must be a competent swimmer and comfortable in the water... keeping in mind this is going to be your new office...

Our promise to you...

Students will receive original PADI Open Water Scuba Materials
The courses will be supervised by PADI Scuba Diving Instructors
High instructor to student ratios to ensure personalised attention.
Our team will act and conduct themselves in a professional and safe manner at all times when on course.
Our team will do everything possible to ensure you have a fantastic, life-changing experience
You will have fun & you will learn allot...
This course will change your life... For the better...
We promise to be amazing!

Your promise to us...

You will arrive open-minded, with a positive attitude & ready to learn.
You will conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times when on course.
You will hold your own safety and the saftey of others in the highest regard.
You agree your life will change for ever... For the better...
You promise to be amazing!

Tell me more about Bass Lake where we do our Open Water Dives

Bass Lake is a reclaimed & rehabilitated open-cast quarry that has flooded with fresh rain & groundwater that is filtered through the surrounding dolomite rock. Bass Lake offers a good training facility with all necessary facilities such as ablutions and an on-site coffee shop.  

Over the years enthusiastic divers have taken it upon themselves to sink their own wrecks for us to explore and some of the more interesting ones include an old school bus, a helicopter frame and the fuselage of a single-engined airplane. There are also a few bathtubs and toilets... weird.. but true...

There are camping facilities at Bass Lake and there are a number of guest houses & B&Bs in the Henley-on-Klip town for those that are keen for a weekend adventure. However, due to the close proximity to JHB we find most clients commute through each day.

Why do your course with us?

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Why Do We Dive?

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