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Apeks MTX-RC Octopus

R 11,249.00

🔱 Apeks MTX-RC Octopus: Your Reliable Dive Buddy in Every Breath! 🔱

Unleash the power of the Apeks MTX-RC Octopus, the perfect companion to complement your MTX-RC regulator. Designed with your safety and comfort in mind, this high-performance alternate air source delivers unrivaled reliability and ease of use, ensuring you feel confident and in control during every dive.

🌟 Enhanced Visibility, Instant Peace of Mind: Featuring vibrant yellow highlights, the MTX-RC Octopus ensures high visibility in any emergency situation. You can breathe easy knowing that your dive buddy can quickly locate you, fostering a sense of security and reassurance throughout your underwater adventures.

🛡️ Uncompromised Durability, Maximum Protection: With protective bumpers strategically placed on the second stage, your octopus is shielded from impacts and scratches in the most vulnerable areas. This robust construction guarantees long-lasting performance, allowing you to explore the depths with confidence, knowing your gear is well-protected.

⚙️ Intuitive Design, Effortless Performance: The ergonomic and user-friendly venturi lever enables seamless control over your breathing experience. Adjusting the breathing effort is a breeze, even in cold water and while wearing gloves, thanks to the oversize breathing effort adjuster. Dive comfortably and focus on the beauty of your surroundings.

🌬️ Smooth and Powerful Breathing: Experience the ease of clearing your octopus with the large purge button, providing a quick and efficient way to clear water and resume breathing without interruption. With the reversible second stage, you can configure the octopus for left or right hand gas supply, catering to your individual preference and convenience.

❄️ Stay Warm, Breathe Comfortably: The patented heat exchanger technology dissipates the cold caused by gas expansion, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable breathe. By drawing in the warmth of the ambient water, it creates the optimal breathing environment, allowing you to fully embrace the wonders of the underwater world.

⚡ Unleash the Power of the Apeks MTX-RC Octopus and Dive with Confidence! ⚡