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Swim Instructor Course (3 Module Package)

Swim Instructor Course (3 Module Package)

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Next Course Dates 2019 
12 - 16 Sept (Northcliff) JHB
31 Oct - 4 Nov (Centurion) 
5 - 9 Dec (Northcliff) JHB
12 - 16 Dec (Centurion) 

Do you want to change your life...? 
Become an Internationally Recognised Swim Instructor with
We currently offer a 3 Module Swim Instructor program. 
Module 1 - StarBabies - R6000
Module 2 -StarTots - R6000
Module 3 - Learn To Swim & Stroke School - R6000
Book before the end of the month and get the 3 Module Package for only R12 500 
+ get a FREE Rescue Tube worth R2500 

About our Swim Instructor program and its affiliations.
The team from offer the SAI (StarFish Aquatics Institute) and the PADI Swim Instructor Programs. Both these programs are internationally recognised. PADI International is the world's biggest SCUBA training agency and Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) is one of the world's largest swim and lifeguard training agencies.


SAI uses an integrated, experiential approach to learning, with performance-based, benchmarked structures.


PADI is the world leader in SCUBA and underwater training with both ISO, and CEN approved standards. PADI is a world leader in training and education programs.

Both SAI and PADI have very stringent quality assurance programs. The training is unparalleled, and there is no other training association that comes close to matching these standards in Africa.

Who can attend this course?
The internationally recognised PADI / SAI Swim Instructor course is open to anyone above 16 yrs of age who knows how to swim. That's right... There is no other pre-requisites for you to attend.

Water Orphans Swim School

Northcliff - JHB 
Urban Dive Swim Centre 

Why Choose the Starfish Aquatics or PADI Swimming Program?
Here are the primary reasons why others have chosen Starfish and PADI Swimming:

  • Internationally recognized swim instruction program
  • Innovative and effective teaching methods
  • Safety concepts built into the curriculum at every level
  • Transition from another program is fast, easy and effective
  • The curriculum can be incorporated into current programming of any kind
  • Cost-effective with minimal paperwork
  • Client support with direct contact to the highest levels of the organization—no bureaucracy
  • Quality resources for instructors and merchandise for students

By becoming a Training Center and adopting either the PADI or Starfish Swimming program, training provider, you’ll immediately see the benefit of having a dedicated national program director to guide you through implementation and provide ongoing support.

Program summary:

The streamlined, innovative and learner-focused curriculum uses an “ages and stages” format so that you can offer swim lessons across the lifespan to a broad range of interests. There are many courses you can choose to offer that will provide a variety of programming options for your customers to explore the benefits and risks of swimming. You may want to focus on offering one “age and stage” when first starting out and add more to your program as you grow – or you may want to jump right in with a full lineup. The choice is yours.

The StarBabies and StarTots courses introduce infants and toddlers to the water in a fun and loving environment. Parents or caregivers are taught the proper techniques to teach their infants and toddlers how to float, submerge, move in the water and roll over. Classes incorporate songs and activities to meet the swim skill benchmarks. Safety skill benchmarks are designed to educate the parents or caregivers.

The Swim School courses for pre-school, youth and adult students focus on meeting core competencies required to develop efficient swimming skills and age-appropriate safety skills:

  • Trust and submersion;
  • Body positions and air recovery (includes rollover to back for air recovery)
  • Forward movement and direction change;
  • Rotary movement (transitions from rollover to side position for air recovery)
  • Integrated movement
  • Functional strokes
  • Age-appropriate safety skills.

The Stroke School courses for pre-school, youth and adult students develop effective technique and endurance for:

  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly
  • Breaststroke

Training and Certification Overview

The - SAI and PADI Swim Instructor Training Courses are made up of 3 Modules the encompasses all levels of training, once you complete our course and log your required training / apprenticeship hours you will be rated to train all of the below-mentioned modules.

Starbabies (6-18 Months) 

StarTots (18-36 Months) 

Stroke School (3 Yrs +)

Each of our programs are broken into 5 colour levels. Each level contains both swim and safety skills that work toward the achievement of a swim and safety benchmark. The system allows instructors to easily grade the client until they master the benchmarks. Once the benchmarks are met, the client then moves to the next level. It is a performance-based system, allowing flexibility to the client and the trainer.

You could attend one or all the courses during a Swim Instructor Development Course (IDC).

If you book the modules individually the cost is R6000 per module but if you book all 3 together as part of our IDC Package the cost is R12 500.

Although you are not required to have all the materials, we feel that it is important to train with all the materials, so that you can identify and affiliate with the individual courses and levels. You also will need the materials once you start instructing.

The standards and structure of the course are discussed in detail on the course. On completion of your program, you stay in contact with our Program Directors.

Once you have completed the Swim Instructor course, you will be registered with either StarFish Aquatics or as PADI Swim Instructor.

Please Note: 
To qualify as a PADI Swim Instructor you will need to affiliate to a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre and meet the required facility standards.

You will then need to train, and stay in date in accordance with their quality assurance through either your SAI or PADI instructor trainer (program director). We will assist you in acquiring the in water hours that you need to be comfortable to train.

We will also work through the SAI and PADI Swim School Standards and Guidelines for Quality Management. It is highly beneficial to you as an instructor to be aware of the course structure and standards.

Once you are a Qualified SAI / PADI Swim Instructor and you want to start training, there is a full list of materials that you can purchase from SAI.

The full instructor pack includes.

  • 1 StarBabies Personal Record (PR) Book
  • 1 SAI / PADI Swim School PR Book
  • 5 StarBabies Star Patches (one of each color)
  • 5 Swim School Patches (one of each color)
  • 1 Multi-Star Program Patch
  • 5 Stroke School Rockers (one for each stroke + Star Swimmer) 5 Stroke Tags
  • 1 Sheet of Small Participation Certificates
  • 1 Large Participation Certificate
  • 1 'Can Starfish Make a Wish Book' with stickers
  • 1 Padlet Patch
  • 1 package of 100 Padlet tattoos
  • 1 PADI Swim School logo patch
  • 1 Instructor Rocker
  • 1 Danger Rangers Safety Bundle
  • 1 Child Watcher Badge
  • 1 PADI Swim School Curriculum Slate
  • 1 StarBabies/StarTots Curriculum Slate

Class Materials Prerequisite Study:
In order to attend the SAI or PADI Swim Instructor Course, you will need the following: SAI or PADI Swim Instructor Workbook (included) - You will need to review and complete a self-study of the PSI (SAI or PADI Swim Instructor) Workbook and complete worksheets 1 through 9 in the PSI Workbook

You will also receive a sample SAI or PADI Swim Instructor CAP Record as well a StarBabies, StarTots & Stroke School log book.

Sample Course Schedule
Day 1 (Wednesday) 4pm - 9pm
Course orientation  and swim practice 

Day 2 (Thursday) 
8:30am - 6pm 
Module 1 - Star Babies & Introduction to teaching

Day 3 (Friday) 8:30am - 6pm
Module 2 - StarTots & in water practical teaching techniques 

Day 4 (Saturday) 7am - 4pm 
Inwater practical teaching & Module 3 - Stroke School

Day 5 (Sunday) 9am - 4pm
Inwater Stroke School practicals & final paperwork

For more info please contact:
Kevin Cook - 083 645 3191 |
Daniel Martin - 082 854 6536 |

Please Note: To qualify as a PADI Swim Instructor you will need to affiliate to a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre and meet the required facility standards. You are welcome to contact us for further infomration about this. 

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