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Suunto EON

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Suunto EON Steel
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A new era in Suunto dive computers has begun. With insight from over 75 years, Suunto introduces its next generation dive computer. The intuitive Suunto EON Steel combines advanced technology with a bright colour screen and customisable features and display to show clearly what you need.

The Suunto EON Steel will grow with you as your diving and skills evolve, thanks to the way you can customise it to your needs. With Suunto CustomDisplay™, you can tailor your Suunto EON Steel so that it shows exactly what you want.

The product comes with the choice of a strap or bungee attachment so it can be physically customised as well.

Wide-angle view
Thanks to its new, innovative wide-angle BrightSee™ colour screen, Suunto EON Steel offers divers unrivalled clarity. A combination of display and glass technology minimises reflections while maximising the view angle.

User-updatable software
The Suunto EON Steel is the first Suunto dive computer to enable user-updatable software, including a free fixed point CCR upgrade for rebreather divers in 2015. Suunto DM5 will automatically check for firmware updates when your Suunto EON Steel is connected.

Ease of use
The simple interaction with menu and buttons makes the Suunto EON Steel very intuitive to use. Thanks to full customisation and the consistent presentation of data the Suunto EON Steel matches your evolving needs.

* Customise to match your evolving needs
* Visually intuitive, consistent presentation
* Simple, easy interaction with menus and buttons
* Bright, high contrast display for easy reading in any dive conditions
* Use with strap or bungee (included)

Premium materials
The bezel is made from brushed stainless steel, and the housing uses reinforced composite with over 50 % glass fiber. The highly durable and resistant Xensation™ glass has been made to withstand the roughest conditions.

* Brushed stainless steel bezel
* Highly durable and resistant Xensation™ glass
* Robust mechanical construction
* Extensively tested and built to last
* Guaranteed to 150 m depth
* Rechargeable battery: 20-40 hours of dive time with one charge (one week at liveaboard)

Up to 4 custom displays
The possibility to adjust multiple screens gives you plenty of options to meet your needs. Whether you prefer having the most vital information on one display or having additional information or functions on several displays you can easily browse through underwater.

Define what is displayed 
Simply connect your Suunto EON Steel to DM5 and you can define which information is shown where, and disable fields entirely.

Physical customisation
You can wear your Suunto EON Steel either with an elastomer strap or bungee. You can also use the rubber boot for added protection. Customise Suunto EON Steel for different dives to match your needs. Everything is included in the package!


* Suunto EON Steel
* USB Cable, Quick Guide
* Legal leaflet
* Protective boot
* Display scratch guard sticker
* Bungee adapter and cord


* Customise with features and Suunto CustomDisplay™
* Wide-angle Suunto BrightSee™ colour screen
* User-updatable software
* Extreme durability



The Suunto Tank POD is a wireless tank pressure transmitter that allows you to view current tank pressure with just a glance at your wrist. The robust digital communications technology brings not only improved stability but also new features such as multiple tank pressure readings.

The reworked pairing procedure is very intuitive; just pressurize the system, hold your Suunto EON Steel close to the Tank POD and after a few seconds a menu pops up on the screen showing the serial number, battery status and the tank pressure.

* Compatible with Suunto EON Steel

* Labeling field for organization when using for several tanks

* Up to 10 simultaneously assignable Suunto Tank PODs

* Transmission distance max. 1.8m

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