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ScubaPro LadyHawk Sport Set

ScubaPro LadyHawk Sport Set

Sale price R 16,495.00 Regular price R 29,510.00

ScubaPro Lady Hawk Sport Set 

Ideal for recreational divers wanting all of the features and comfort of a premium BC with a quality, no-nonsense regulator. With a balanced first stage and Optimal Flow Design second stage with an anti-free-flow switch and lightweight, compact dimensions, the MK11/C350 is hard to beat while the Hawk BCD’s offer fully-padded harnesses, rotating shoulder buckles and our patented Buckle Weight System and Trim Weight pockets.

* MK11 / C350 Regulator
* R095 Octo
* Scubapro Consol 1 Gauge / SPG
* LadyHawk BCD

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