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SCUBAPRO SeaWing Nova Zoom Evo Set

R 5,145.00

Dive into Excellence with the SCUBAPRO SeaWing Nova Zoom Set! 🌊🐠

Get ready to explore the vastness of the underwater realm with the SCUBAPRO SeaWing Nova Zoom Set. This top-notch collection is curated for serious recreational and professional divers, focusing on power, acceleration, and comfort. The Seawing Nova 2 Fins at the heart of this set offer an innovative blend of the ease of split fins and the dynamic control of paddle fins, allowing effortless speed with unrivalled manoeuvrability.🦈🌊

Combine this exceptional fin with the intuitive Zoom Evo Mask, designed for enhanced peripheral vision and a comfortable fit. Top it off with the user-friendly Spectra Snorkel, renowned for easy breathing and quick clearing, and you have a formidable trio destined to take your diving adventures to new depths. The SCUBAPRO SeaWing Nova Zoom Set is not just about diving equipment - it's about creating remarkable underwater experiences. Dive in!

Set Includes:


Seawing Nova 2 Fins

Zoom Evo Mask

Spectra Snorkel