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Prescriptive Lens SCUBAPRO Mask

Prescriptive Lens SCUBAPRO Mask

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ScubaPro "prescriptive Lens" Scout Mask

The Scout is a sporty low volume mask for easy clearing and comfortable fit.

We can add precut prescriptive lenses to this mask by simply replacing the existing lenses to the closest prescription to match your eyes.

Lenses come in 0.5 Increments and start at -1.5 and go up to -4.5
its best to match your eye up to the next strongest increment if you have a .25 prescription as we find in time your eyes tend to get weaker so its better to go for the stronger lens.

This mask does not come with bi-focal lenses, ist 1 one magnification for the entire lens and lenses only come in negative increments. 

Lead time on a mask and lens is generally 2 working days for the installation of the lens and delivery to our shop. We offer free nationwide shipping on our prescriptive lens masks.

Mask Features:

* Low volume for clearing convenience, yet designed for maximum visibility.

* Universal, super comfortable fit for a variety of face shapes.

* Double sealed silicon skirt with extra flexibility for even easier clearing.

* The Scout is softly textured and indented around the nose

* The Scout is easy clear without affecting the entire seal around your face.

* Swivel buckles for easy adjustment.

* Tempered glass for safety and durability.

* Mask is only available with a black frame & black skirt

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