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ScubaPro MK21/S560

ScubaPro MK21/S560

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ScubaPro MK21/S560

More than an excellent mid-range system. This combination offers high performance, reliable ScubaPro technology and value. Optimized thermal exchange, thanks to external fins. Optional routing cap available.

S560 Second Stage

A lightweight, techno-polymer barrel second stage, the S560 is air balanced with diver adjustable inhalation effort and VIVA. Ensures effortless and smooth breathing in all conditions. Combined with our new compact and versatile MK21 first stage for an ideal mid-range system.

MK21 First Stage

A new compact, balanced piston-controlled first stage with exceptional ScubaPro breathing performance at a mid-range price.

The high airflow delivery to the second stage ensures unaffected breathing effort, no matter the tank pressure or depth.

Very good resistance to freezing for a compact first stage, due to the external fins which optimize thermal exchange.

Compact in size (16 mm smaller than the MK25) but not in features, this modern, striking first stage has a "smart" hose layout for perfect positioning and easy identification.

The standard cap can be replaced with an optional cap, which has 4-hose low-pressure routing configurations and a 5th central High Flow LP port.


First Stage

* New compact sized piston -controlled first stage

* Close to 20% smaller than our MK25

* Mid-range piston 1st stage offering the best compromise for the right price and the right performance.

* Easy maintenance.

* Unique thermal exchange design with external fins, optimizing freezing resistance

* Optional replaceable head for optimal positioning with 4 LP routing configurations plus a 5th central LP HF port.

* Ideal for Technical diving.

* Standard head with 4 LP hose routing

* 2 HP ports, one on each side of the body.

* Polished chrome plated marine grade brass

* Re-designed yoke and cap

Second Stage

* Lightweight techno-polymer barrel

* Air Balanced flow Valve

* Diver's Adjustable Inhalation Effort

* Adjustable VIVA

* High Flow Exhaust Valve

* Metal Components

* Super comfort high-flow mouthpiece

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