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Mares Abyss 52 Set

Mares Abyss 52 Set

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Mares Abyss 52 Set

Mares Bolt BCD

* Comfortable and stable back buoyancy BC with 21kg lift
* Swivel shoulder buckles
* Smart trim weight positioning
* SLS weight system
* Monoplate backplate fits single or double tanks 

Abyss 2nd Stage

* Vortex assisted design (VAD) easy natural breathing at any depth
* Mesh grid to minimize free flow on strong currents
* All metal technology reducing dry-mouth
* Superior breathing performance

MR 52 First Stage

* Balanced diaphragm design
* NCC - Natural Convection Channel increases performance in cold water
* Double Dynamic flow control / minimizes intermediate pressure drop
* Tri-Material HP valve for increased performance & reliability
* Available in DIN or INT

Prestige Octo

* Sturdy & Durable
* Superior resistance to abrasion
* High-viz yellow cover & hose 



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