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Drift Shoulder Mount

Drift Shoulder Mount

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The Drift Shoulder Mount

Capture impressive footage with the fully adjustable Drift Shoulder Mount, a must-have for just every activity! The Drift Shoulder Mount is the perfect action camera mount for capturing your action from a new point of view!

Using the traditional Drift Innovation Universal Clip mounting system, simply strap on the harness and slide in the camera for epic new angles. The harness itself is made from 38 mm (1.50") webbing, and features non-slip silicone banding on the reverse side to stop it sliding out of place on an extreme sports run. The Soulder Mount is fully adjustable to suit all sizes and is compatible with all Drift cameras. Great for snow, motor, skate or any sport where you want to get a unique first person perspective without following the movement of your head. The shoulder mount is a great alternative to Drift's helmet mounting systems.

Quick Specs
* Innovative design
* Secure mounting, steady harness
* Easily adjustable to all sizes
* Durable and comfortable
* Compatible with all Drift cameras using the Drift Universal Clip
* 38 mm (1.50") webbing with non-slip silicone banding
* 38 mm (1.50") ladder lock
* Drift Shoulder Mount

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