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Dive Housing Go Pro Hero 5
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Dive Housing Go Pro Hero 5

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Dive Housing for Go Pro Hero 5 (Generic Housing) 

* Replacement housings for your Hero 5

* You will have to remove your Hero 5 lens in order to fit the camera in housing,

* Compatible with the GDome Housing!

* 45m Depth Rating

Please note:
* With this housing, you will have to remove your front lens in order to fit your camera
** This is not an original Go Pro product, it is a generic housing.

Important Notice!

Although the housings are rated to 45m depth by our suppliers we have to insist that you:

Please insure you water test the housing before use (without camera in the housing) for its first use to the maximum depth you plan on using your housing for / over a reasonable period of time (the deeper and longer the better).

1) Put it in a pool net and drop it to the bottom of a pool for an hour or so.

2) Ensure when you close the housing that there is no debris blocking the seals or mechanism (even a hair can be problematic),  

3) That the seals are in good condition and sitting where they should.

4) You need to confirm it is leak-proof before putting your camera in and going underwater with the housing.  

If there is any sign of moisture in the housing during tests or use, immediately return the housing to us for a refund or replacement unit. 

Made to be used with GoPro® Hero [5] camera

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