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Cressi R1 BCD

Cressi R1 BCD

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Cressi R1 BCD

R1 is a new Cressi product designed for divers who want a very complete yet light, hydrodynamic and affordable jacket. It is suitable for most recreational divers. It combines traditional structure with notable buoyancy. Due to its unique waist-length shape and larger wings, it is especially hydrodynamic. It is a durable, comfortable, affordable and well-balanced model with large capacity pockets. 

Cressi BCD Sizing Chart : CLICK HERE

* The rounded, exceptionally spacious pockets are easily accessible with durable YKK© 8pitch zippers and gussets.

* The axillary strap system and low wings guarantee freedom of movement and prevent the diver’s chest from being constricted.

* The new cushioning in the shoulder pads enhances the comfort of theCressi R1.

* The 2.0 version of the weight LOCK AID SYSTEM is integrated, safe and easy to use.

* The lighter structure makes it possible to use the jacket without weights, too. 

* Light, compact, semi-rigid backpack, minimal points of friction with the internal fabric.

* New design so the backpack handle is always accessible. Backplate to keep the tank perfectly centered, with non-slip rubber inserts and new strap to anchor the valve. 

* Waistband strap independent of the air bladder to avoid constricting the diver’s body when the jacket is inflated.

* Adjustable length cummerbund. Four 50mm angular stainless D-rings and two 25mm D-rings in ABS.

*  Direct System Inflator 2011, can be disassembled, no tools needed, for cleaning “on the beach” in case of sand infiltration.

* Exclusive double filtration system in metal mesh to prevent particulates from infiltrating the inflation valve.

* Anti-sand design makes it difficult for grains of sand to block the mechanism.

* Angular stainless steel D-rings and "Y” hose holders.

* Buoyancy Lbs: 16.9 (XS), 20.2 Lbs (S), 23.6 Lbs (M), 33.7Lbs (L),36.0 Lbs (XL)



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