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Cressi Patrol T10-SC Cromo Master Set

Cressi Patrol T10-SC Cromo Master Set

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Cressi Patrol T10-SC Cromo Master Set

The Patrol BC is an impressively light weight, rear inflation BC that is anatomically designed for maximum comfort and durability. The special air cell compression strap guarantees extra quick deflation and volume control. The ultralight rigid back plate with its integrated carrying handle ensures optimal stability. The Patrol also features Cressi’s Flat-Lock-Aid integrated weight system that makes it easy to release the pockets. There are 3 pressure relief valves: one on the upper part of the hose, one valve on the right-hand side of the shoulder and a third on the lower right-hand side of the air cell. The Patrol also features plastic d-rings to help reduce weight and the shoulder and waist harness are fully adjustable to one full size up or down from the stated size.

Combined with T10-SC Cromo Master, the first stage stands out from the range of Cressi balanced diaphragm regulators because the mechanism is arranged on an axis perpendicular to the axis of air entry, creating a "T" shape. The advantages of this particular design include better arrangement of the hoses and less space occupied (especially in SC versions for cold water) 602 gr. 2nd Stage is Pneumatically balanced with Adjustable Venturi and Adjustable inhalation effort.

Cressi MG Balanced Octopus regulator specially designed for the most demanding divers. Its main feature is a pneumatically balanced valve that minimises the breathing effort. The Venturi effect adjuster on the mouthpiece tube increases and decreases the air flow, doing away with the risks associated with free-flow.

Set Include:

* Cressi Patrol BCD

* T10 SC Cromo Master DIN

* MG Balanced Octopus

* Console 1 pressure gauge

NOTE:  You can upgrade the gauge to the Cressi Console 2 (pressure and depth gauge) or Console 3 (pressure and depth gauge + Compass) Or Add a Cressi dive computer for an extra charge!

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