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Cressi Marea & Ultra Dry Combo

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Cressi Marea & Ultra Dry Combo

The Marea & Ultra Dry is a combination of the best Cressi’s products for snorkeling. Both mask and snorkel are made in Italy with premium quality material for assure a long lasting use.

The Marea is made in 100% silicone to assure comfort and perfect seal. It is a mask usable not only for snorkeling but also for scuba thanks to the small inner volume and to the soft nose pocket for compensate the air pressure.

The Alpha Ultra Dry snorkel allows divers to take every breath with confidence and focus on the reef-below, not on worrying about water in their air way. A generous bore contoured tube provides ample airflow and a lower purge valve enables instant clearing if needed.

The Alpha Ultra Dry has the latest dry-top snorkel technology that auto close the tube when submerged for not allow water entry when you go underwater. Once you ascend back to the surface, you can resume breathing without having to make the effort to expel water.


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