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Cressi Gara 3000 LD Fin

Cressi Gara 3000 LD Fin

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Cressi Gara 3000 LD Fins (CH)

The structure of the Gara 3000 LD is identical to the greatly-appreciated Gara 3000, but the material of the blade, which is softer, is what makes them stand out.

The LD in the 3000 LD stands for Long Distance, indicating the main use of the product, and these fins have emerged from the need to offer enthusiasts increasingly powerful fins, which are however less demanding than the Gara 3000 fins.

Less muscle effort is required for kicking so divers can use them for longer, making them perfect to use many hours in a row.

The softer blade is also very suitable for use in cold water, which is notorious for its tendency to stiffen materials and make them less flexible.

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