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Cressi Fox Deluxe Swim Goggles *Clearance Special*

Cressi Fox Deluxe Swim Goggles *Clearance Special*

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Cressi Fox Deluxe Swim Goggles *Clearance Special*



Cressi Fox Deluxe Photochromatic lenses that are made from a special, durable, photosensitive organic material. These lenses are able to adapt extremely quickly to different lighting situations and then return just as quickly to their original condition.

This is a perfect solution for those people who are sensitive to the light and that want a pair of goggles that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The special lenses also offer excellent protection against UV rays and have particularly resistant, internal, anti-fog treatment.

These sophisticated goggles have a new design with completely flat lenses for perfect vision even at the edges.

Cressi advanced technology offers excellent sealing on most face shapes.

Instantly interchangeable strap with patented, immediate, micrometrically adjustable buckles just like those on the Cressi-sub diving masks.

Shatterproof lenses with anti-scratch treatment, UV protection and internal anti-fog treatment.




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