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Cressi Back Jac BCD *Clearance Special*

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Cressi Back Jac BCD *Clearance Special*


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Cressi Back Jac with weight-integration and all-new style Lock Aid System. A rigid backplate with a carrying handle, new streamlined infator and a resistant 500 Deneers thread used for the outer parts.

A new version of the back-inflated jacket.

Weight-integrated with the new, style Lock Aid System.

* rigid backplate with a carrying handle.
* new streamlined inflator.
* resistant 500 Deneers thread used for the outer parts.

2 discreet pockets for carrying extra items.
2 weight pockets at the back.
3 outlet valves for quick water drainage and excess air.
Adjustable elasticated front fasteners.

The rear expanding bag offers extreme comfort without in the least interfering with the diver's body, irrespective of how inflated it is.

The special elastic bag retainer guarantees quick deflation and at the same time keeps the volume to a minimum. Considerable comfort is guaranteed by the soft covering made from special webbed material on the back and all along the inner jacket.

The two-piece elasticised waistband, adjustable in length, comes complete with the famous Freematic Cressi system.

The integrated weights system uses large pockets that can be slipped off towards the front of the jacket, with the brand new, patented Lock-Aid-System, which makes extraction immediate and extremely easy, while still combined with anti-slip off safety. The two large webbed, vertical accessories pockets are concealed and when not used they can be rolled up and protected by a zip.

The extensive accessories include two 50 mm D-rings on the shoulders, two on the bottom of the jacket and two more weight pockets on the back (situated on the front). There are three dump/pressure valves: one situated at the upper extremity of the hose, a second one on the right shoulder, controlled by the tubed line and a third one fitted to the bottom right of the jacket.

Although the structure is strong, the combined use of 500 Cordura and 420 denier nylon has made it possible to keep the weight right down for air travel.

Technical features
* Bag expansion: back
* Material: 500 Cordura and 420 denier Nylon
* Two large zip-up concealed accessories pockets
* Integrated Lock-Aid weight pocket system
* Two back weight pockets
* Three dump-pressure valves
* Two, 50mm stainless steel D-rings on the shoulders
* Two, 50mm stainless steel D-rings on the bottom
* Two, 30mm technopolymer D-rings above the pockets
* Rigid carry handle
* Adjustable nylon handle on rear
* Buoyancy in kg: 13.3 (XS), 13.3 (S), 19.4 (M), 23.0 (L), 23.0 (XL
* Weight: 3,300 kg (XS), 3,350 kg (S), 3,450 kg (M), 3,600 kg (L), 3,650 kg (XL)

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