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Aqua Lung Zephyr Snorkel
Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung Zephyr Snorkel

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Aqua Lung Zephyr Snorkel

The Zephyr Snorkel was designed and is manufactured in the Aqua Lung facilities in Genoa, Italy. A splashguard and purge valve helps to eliminate water ingress and provides for easy clearing and an integrated corrugation zone make this a unique and stylish snorkel.


* The Zephyr has a splashguard with a purge channel on the top of the snorkel to prevent water ingress
* There is an elliptical purge valve at the bottom for easy purging of any water that makes it past the upper splash guard and purge channel
* Integrated corrugation zone that allows for flexibility like a flex snorkel, but the rigidity of a non-flex
* The lower section rotates, allowing the user to get an ergonomic fit and allows for reduced jaw fatigue.
* Patented Comfobite mouthpieces, which does not require the user to clench their teeth, eliminate jaw fatigue
* An optional, smaller size Comfobite is available
* Comfobite mouthpieces are replaceable

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