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Aqua Lung i470TC Dive Computer - Winter Freeze Special

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Aqua Lung i470TC Dive Computer Black - Dive Smart, Dive Connected!

Experience the future of diving with the Aqua Lung i470TC Dive Computer Black. This cutting-edge dive computer revolutionizes the way you interact with your diving experience. Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to the free DiverLog+ app, and unlock a whole new level of diving exploration and convenience.


✅ Bluetooth Connectivity: Dive into the world of wireless connectivity. The Aqua Lung i470TC Dive Computer Black seamlessly connects to the DiverLog+ app using Bluetooth Smart technology. Using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, effortlessly interact with your dive computer, and take control of your settings, log and profile data, location information, notes, and more. Capture and share the unforgettable moments of your dive with photos and videos, all at your fingertips.

✅ 4 Operating Modes: Dive with versatility and confidence. The i470TC offers four operating modes—Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer), and Freedive. Seamlessly switch between different diving modes, allowing unrestricted exploration and the freedom to adapt to different diving conditions. Maximize your dive experience with ease.

✅ User-Changeable Battery and Data Retention: Dive without limits. The i470TC is equipped with a user-changeable standard battery, ensuring hassle-free replacements wherever you are. Plus, it retains all your settings and calculations during battery changes, eliminating the need to reconfigure your preferences. Dive smarter and focus on what matters most—exploring the underwater wonders.

✅ Switch Between Nitrox Mixes: Dive with flexibility. The i470TC allows you to switch between up to three Nitrox mixes with three transmitters. Customize your diving experience by adjusting your Nitrox mix according to your preferences and dive requirements, offering you a truly personalized diving adventure.

✅ Audible Alarms and High-Visibility LED Warning Light: Dive with increased safety and peace of mind. The i470TC features audible alarms and a high-visibility LED warning light, providing clear and instant alerts during critical dive situations. Stay aware and focused on your dive, knowing that your dive computer has your back.

✅ Single Button Access and Deep Stop Countdown Timer: Dive with ease and convenience. The i470TC offers single-button access to your last dive display, allowing you to review your maximum depth and bottom time with just a press. The user-selectable deep stop with countdown timer adds an extra layer of safety and precision to your diving profile.

✅ History Mode: Dive with a record of your adventures. The i470TC includes a History Mode that automatically records your last 24 dives. Review and analyze your diving progress, and relive your underwater experiences. Dive smart and keep track of your diving journey effortlessly.

Dive smarter, dive connected with the Aqua Lung i470TC Dive Computer Black. Embrace the future of diving technology and elevate your underwater exploration like never before.

🌊 Dive Smart, Dive Connected - Aqua Lung i470TC Dive Computer Black! 

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