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Aqua Lung Dimension BCD
Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung Dimension BCD

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Aqua Lung Dimension i3 BCD

* The Lotus is a back inflation style BC designed specifically for women and incorporates Aqua Lung’s integrated Wrapture™ Harness System.

* SureLock™ II Mechanical Weight Release System (patented) – allows you to easily insert the weight pouch and an audible “click” lets you know the weights are secure in the BC. Once engaged, the weights can be released with a firm pull the handle.

* HP hose routings through the back keep your entire kit low profile thus minimizing drag.

* A bladder retraction system is used to pull in the sides of the bladder during deflation. This keeps unit streamlined and reduces drag.

* A clever octo-pocket on the right lobe secures the octopus while keeping it accessible and visible throughout the dive.

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