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AEE S70 Action Cam

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The AEE S70 Action Cam

The 2014 ISPO award-winning AEE S70 Action Cam HD is our widest angle 170-degree 1080p/60 fps HD action camera.
This performer has all the features of the leading competitor but has better specs and accessories at a lower price. The S70 Action Cam is a compact, waterproof camera with a 10X zoom capable of shooting HD video and taking 16 MP photos. The S70 Action Cam comes standard with a waterproof camera housing, 2” color LCD screen, and a 1 year warranty.

* The ergonomic design of the Action AEE S51 MagiCam camera easily fits in your pocket.
* The camera is always ready at any moment!
* Matrix 16Mp resolution of the recording mode Full Tornados (resolution 1920 by 1080).
* Intellectual stabilization EIS smooth out all fluctuations during dynamic shooting. There are 10x digital zoom!
* The long running time, since the capacity of the standard battery 1500 mAh.
* Convenient display for more comfortable use when recording or viewing footage.
* Unique protective box can withstand immersion under water up to 100 meters.
* Due to the special buttons the camera can be operated completely without removing it from its protective box.
* Built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to manage the AEE S51 MagiCam at a distance using a smartphone or tablet.
* Action camera AEE S51 MagiCam works in video mode when connected to external power.
* More Megapixels than the leading competitor (16MP vs. 12MP)
* More Battery than the leading competitor (1500mAh vs. 1050mAh)
* More Zoom than the leading competitor (10X vs. none)
* 1080p/60 fps * 960p/60 fps * 720p/120 fps
* Detachable Color LCD Display
* Built-in G-Sensor
* 10X Zoom
* 170-degree ultra-Wide Angle Lens
* Image 180-degree turnover function
* App control for iOS and Android devices
* 1/4" Tripod Mount included

Display: LCD
View angle: 170°
Diagonal inches: 2.0
Continuous video recording time: 2 hours
Continuous audio recording time: 3 hours
Video resolution: 1920x1080 (24, 30, 48, 60), 1280x960 (48, 60, 100), 1280x720 (60, 120), 854x480 (240)
Micro SD slot: Supports up to 64GB microSD external memory card
Equipment: HDMI, miniUSB
Camera: 16 MP
Digital zoom: Yes, 10X
Wireless connections: Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g
G-sensor: Yes
Accessories included: Protective box (possibly dive to 100 meters),Additional cover for deep underwater case, Vertical and horizontal mounting regulator, Two flat platform on industrial 3 - m adhesive tape, Two curved platform on industrial 3 - m adhesive tape, Camera bracket with a screw, Long adjusting screw (nut), Set inserts prevent fogging of the lens immersion, USB cable, Mains Charger, Lace at the wrist, Handbag Storage, User guide, Remote control (specified sets), Mounting clip (specified sets), Memory card up to 16GB (Class 10) - not included
Type of battery: Li-ion
Battery: 1500 мАh
OS Support: Windows Vista, Window 7, Mac OS, Window 8
Weight: 56g (without DISPLAY) / 165g (with display)
Guarantee: 12 months

offers a wide range of high-definition action cameras and accessories
to fill every need. AEE action cameras come standard with larger
batteries than our leading competitor, up to 10X zoom, and built-in WiFi
and iOS/Android App control for ease of use and versatility (Note: SD18B Action Cam is
not WiFi). AEE action cameras are waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof,
and shake-proof. This inherent durability and ruggedness means your AEE
camera will be ready for your next adventure, mission, or shift.

From the top of the line AEE S71 Action Cam UHD featuring ultra HD 4K/15 fps and 16MP to the sturdy HD performer, the AEE SD18B Action Cam HD, AEE provides you with the highest quality, best performing cameras at a price that won't break the bank.
AEE U.S.A. Consumer action cameras include the S71 Action Cam UHD, S70 Action Cam HD, S60 Action Cam HD, MD10 Action Cam HD, and the SD18B Action Cam HD.

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