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Featured Products & Specials

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Cylinder Specials

15L (232Bar) Steel Cylinders
R 5,799.00R 4,999.00
7L (300 Bar) Steel Cylinders
R 5,000.00R 3,499.00

Computer Specials

Mares Smart + BlueLink Bundle
R 6,999.00R 4,995.00
NEW * Suunto D4i Novo 2020
R 8,999.00R 5,999.00
Mares QUAD (50% OFF)
R 9,999.00R 4,999.00

Full Face Mask Specials

Dive Torch Specials

Tovatec Fusion 400 Torch
R 1,795.00R 1,495.00
Tovatec Fusion 1050 Torch
R 2,295.00R 1,795.00
Tovatec Fusion 1500 Torch
R 2,500.00R 2,295.00
Tovatec Mera Torch with Camera
R 5,985.00R 2,999.00

Wetsuit Specials

Mares Seal Skin 6mm Wetsuit
R 6,999.00R 4,999.00

Soft Gear Specials

ScubaPro Go Set (Adult)
R 1,790.00R 1,495.00
ScubaPro Go Set (Junior)
R 1,700.00R 1,395.00