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Tribord Easybreath Snorkelling Mask

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  Easybreath Snorkelling Mask

The main reason why people don’t enjoy snorkelling is the difficulty of breathing underwater through the snorkel. Breathing through the mouth feels unnatural, and the snorkel mouthpiece can be intrusive, uncomfortable and unhygienic.

Introducing the Easybreath, the first full-face snorkelling mask allowing you to breathe just as easily and naturally underwater as you would on land, through the nose and mouth. This innovative mask provides a large and unobstructed 180° field of vision and is prevented from fogging up by a dual air flow system, identical to the ones found in domestic extraction fans.

To stop water re-entering the snorkel, the Easybreath mask is equipped with a mechanism which seals the top of the snorkel when submerged. Furthermore, the snorkel is highly visible to avoid any collisions on the surface.

Composition: Silicon skirt, polypropylene rim.

Small / Medium (For a small guys face & ladies face)
Medium / Large (Fit for standard man's face)

PS: If unsure about size rather go for the smaller sized mask.
Its better to have a tighter fit to prevent water leaking in.

NOTE: This is not a DRY mask, there will always be some water in and around the mask, the technology of the drain valves allows for water draining on an ongoing basis but there may be some form of water in the mask during use.

Restrictions on use
Not suitable for free diving or intensive swimming

Also referred to as the: Ninja Mask, Full face mask, full face snorkelling mask, Mask HD, Aquascenic Mask

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